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Landing the big one just got easier!

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The Wilson Folding Landing Nets are designed to be easily transported and easily used

Designed for storage in tight spaces, the two nets in this range feature environmentally friendly netting that has large diameter mesh to avoid excessive hook tangling and keep fish in the best possible condition for release. With a flat base and steep sides, the net’s design means that once a fish is in the net, it stays in the net.

The two models, large (333FND1) and snapper (333FNDSO) have unique characteristics that separate them for anglers.

The large net has an extendable handle that can reach out to 1.8m! This net was designed with the aid of barra tournament experts who literally catch a barra as it jumps. This handle length makes this net ideal for larger boats and for shore- and pier-based anglers.

The snapper net has a fixed handle length of 90cm and is squarely aimed at the boat angler looking for an easy to store net that will handle large fish easily.

Extendable handles, collapsible frames and strength to handle large fish, these nets have got it all.