2019 Ladies Copeton Cod Classic – Rules and Regulations

2019 AYC CWA “No Cods” Copeton Cod Classic


All teams competing must comply with State Waterways and NSW Fisheries requirements and regulations.

All boats must be registered and insured

Lure only. Both trolling and casting permitted.

Catch, Photo and Release event.

All safety requirements should be adhered to, PFD personal floating device are to be worn when boat is in gear as well as safety lanyards attached. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disqualification.

Teams must respect “Speed Restricted” and “No Go Zones”. Teams that fail to comply will be disqualified.

Anglers are not to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while competing. Legally required blood alcohol levels must be adhered to.

All anglers must have their PFD on, and Drivers lanyards attached whilst your boat is in gear. Failure to do so will mean disqualification.

Copeton Cod Classic Trophies will we awarded to the team with the Longest Murray Cod.

All Murray Cod lengths must be recorded on supplied catch sheet with your teams “BIG COD” to be nominated and backed up by photo evidence.


Two photos are required of each Murray cod capture to be eligible to gain points;

  • Photo 1: laid out flat on supplied brag mat with measurement in clear view.
  • Photo 2: anglers must provide image of themselves holding the fish caught safely, supporting their full weight prior to release. No handling by the gills or being hung on boga-grips.

Phone camera photo or DSLR camera photos are acceptable but must be clear and of good quality so marshals can verify the size of your fish.

Phone: Bruce 0419 011 333

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