The Asset Apparel Co. – Windamere trip 2014

The Asset Apparel – Windamere Trip September 2014

In early September 2014 Rory, Mick and Jordy from The Asset Apparel Co. took a road trip to Windamere Dam NSW to chase some Golden Perch. The weather was perfect but the water conditions made the fishing tough.

The water temperature was a brisk 11 degrees and most concentrations of fish were sitting at depth of 30 feet. This made the fish fairly difficult to target but they were definitely willing to have a go when we got our presentations correct.

After a day or so of working out a pattern we managed to find that the use of Ecogear ZX40 blades and the Shake and Bake technique was pretty much the only way that we could secure a bite from these sluggish fish. Though, we did manage to nail some true Windy pigs and had a ball along the way filming this short video on our I-phones!


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