Mustad Wish Braid

You couldn’t Wish for more


Mustad’s new Wish Braid leaps into the top end of the braid market.


Its diameter for breaking strain is excellent giving users a number of benefits. Being a true 8-strand braid, Mustad Wish is built with 100% Honeywell Spectra Fibre. This makes Wish exceptionally durable under load and this is where thin braids can come undone. The braiding process used by Mustad produces a rounder and smoother braid that handles exceptionally well and ties knots superbly completing the picture.


Mustad’s Wish 18lb 8-strand braid is as thin as most 6lb 4-strand braids giving users the benefit of fewer wind knots and an improved user experience.


Abrasion resistance, thin and of the highest quality – that’s what Wish brings to the table.


Available in 110 yard (18lb-36lb) and 250 yard (18lb-70lb) spools, Mustad Wish Braid makes your dreams come true.
SRP from: $50 (110 yard), $100 (250 yard)

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