Check out the all new Shimano Caenan

Looking at a new bait cast reel for run off season? Check out the all new Caenan!!

The Shimano Caenan 150A low profile baitcast reel has redefined value and performance, providing anglers with an incredible amount of features at a remarkably affordable price. 

The Caenan features four SA-RB bearings, consistent braking performance (SVS Infinity), High Efficiency Gearing (HEG), Variable Brake System (VBS) and comes in a stylish black and red finish. 

A Stable Spool Design (S3D) helps to keep weight down and assist in making long casts to fussy bass and barra hiding out in a snag or along a weedy impoundment bank. A QuickFire II Clutch bar gives the precision control back to the angler for accuracy and ergonomic all day use. The Caenan is capable of delivering five kilos of drag pressure, and also features EVA grips, which cause less fatigue on the angler.

Shimano Caenan 150A Casting Reel is available in two versatile gear ratios, both a 6.3:1 and a 7.2:1. Both of these are ideal for freshwater fishing, right through to the larger barramundi.


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