WINDAMERE – Important Notice

Some slight changes to this weekends schedule.

1. Friday 6.30pm – BBQ Dinner / Ticket sales for Saturday nights raffle draw / Event Briefing
2. Saturday 6.30pm- Spit Roast Dinner / Raffle draws
3. Sunday 1pm – $ 5000.00 Winners cheque presentation followed by the $ 5000.00 Tackle “Lucky Door Prize”

We have decided to run with only 2 sessions over the weekend.
1 session on Saturday and 1 on Sunday morning.
Session times will be announced at the briefing on Friday.

– Teams can only weigh in a maximum of 4 fish at any time.

– Winners cheque will be handed over to the team who weighs in the heaviest 10 fish overall. Fisheries rules and regulations still apply. So here we have just a couple of scenarios: A team can win this event in the first hour of fishing, win it the first day and not catch a fish on Sunday or not catch a fish on Saturday and dong them on Sunday to take out the event. So don’t give up, anyone can win. Its not a numbers game its a weight game and as we all know in Windamere a smaller fish in length can be heavier than a longer fish.

– Fish must be healthy and swim away unassisted to count. So look after your fish. If you are concerned about a fish head back to the weigh station.

– Teams must comply with NSW Fisheries and Waterways rules and regulations.

– All boats must have a safety lanyard and safety vests are to be worn by all team members when boat is in gear.

– More information on the event will be explained at the Friday nights briefing.

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