Womens Recreational Fishing League

What a great initiative. Looking forward to watching this grow. Jump on board ladies.

If you can help them in their efforts to launch or to learn more click here

How will the formation of the Womens Recreational Fishing League benefit rec’ fishing as a whole?

The WRFL will provide an enjoyable, gender-relevant pathway for women to take up fishing as a pastime/sport (or build upon already attained skills) in a non-threatening environment. This will make “beginning” as a fisher more appealing and promises to tap into a pool of potential fishers who may otherwise never pick up a rod.

Women are important to recreational fishing for two reasons: participation is under-developed, providing enormous growth potential; and they are the thought leaders for the young. WRFL will empower women to not only fish themselves, but mentor children into the pastime with a mindset of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

By providing this opportunity to women, the WRFL will create a stronger family fishing culture in NSW, along with increased enjoyment for couples who fish together. It is expected that empowered and capable female fishers will be more supportive of their fishing partners, too… thereby providing greater opportunity for everyone to fish, without that age old issue of “seeking permission from the non-fishing missus”.

Recreational Fishing will, in the long term, benefit from increased participation, a greater proportion of educated and sustainability-minded participants and the on-going development of female leaders across the country.

Our Mission

  • Provide a safe and inspirational women’s recreational fishing organisation. 
  • Increase the overall participation of women in our sport. 
  • Provide recreational fishing skills training, support, camaraderie and mentorship for Australian women. 
  • Increase the profile and recognition of women in recreational fishing. 
  • Improve the social licence of recreational fishing in Australia through excellence and stewardship.
  • Develop future leaders in recreational fishing.
  • Foster an ethos of sustainability and habitat restoration that ensures a strong recreational fishing future.
  • Develop thought leaders who inspire future generations of Australian fishers.

Every donation will help. Please consider helping us launch.

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