AYC Fishing

EMAIL: aycfishing@gmail.com                          PHONE: 0419 011 333

2023 AYC Tournments suspended for 12 months

AYC has it’s own footy tipping comp

The footy kicks off tomorrow and yes for you VIC’s we are talking that hard hitting rough and tumble stuff. AYC has it’s own footy tipping comp so if your keen and don’t mind putting up with a bit of banter and giving a bit back jump on and register. It’s a lot of fun with heaps of great prizes to be won throughout the year. Just follow the link and it should get you there, but if your having dramas give Grant Byrnes a yell. Talk to him before 6pm though as you won’t get much sense out of him after that.
Name is AYC and the pin is 4FALZAKJ