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Copeton Cod Get Bitten By Venom

The Wilson Fishing crew recently visited Copeton Dam near Inverell in NSW with the aim of catching some really large cod on the Venom Baitcaster range.

The team included Head Office’s Stephen Booth, Northern NSW rep Scott Fleming and Sydney rep Shane Banks. All three are passionate about native fishing and all three had never landed a 100% confirmed metre-plus Murray cod.
The trip could not have been a greater success with all three boys getting a personal best and all three catching it on one of the Venom Baitcasters.

The results for four days and a morning’s fishing doesn’t sound like a lot of fish, but when you consider the actual fishing time spent and the way they chose to go about it, then the results are outstanding – certainly the biggest fish were outstanding.

Over the time spent the team landed 1 golden perch, 1 undersized cod, 3 cod between 63cm and 75cm, a 78cm cod, an 84cm cod an 88cm cod and the three magical fish over the metre mark that went 117cm, 120cm and 125cm.
The four biggest fish were taken on the 6kg 7’ Venom Baitcaster and the 8kg 7’ Venom Baitcaster, rods designed to throw big lures and handle even bigger fish.

As Shane said “These longer rods have the power to throw larger lures (up to 100g) a lot further than 6’ and even 6’6” rods. It’s a real eye-opener when you see the difference in the field”

Scott backed up Shane and added that “The power in the blank handles the larger lures and also the oversized fish. It’s a really good combination of castability and fish fighting ability”.

Stephen said “if you’re serious about chucking bigger lures around for bigger fish, you need to look at these rods. They are amongst the best on the market for doing this type of fishing”.

The pictures tell the story better than the words ever will.
Go and check out the Venom Baitcaster range at your nearest Venom Dealer. Built by Aussies for Aussies.

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Stephen Booths Copeton Monster

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Murray Cod on Venom

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