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Daiwa’s top shelf service department

Those of you that know me, know that I am hard on gear. I’m down right clumsy and always breaking stuff. Well, the last few years I have been sending off a couple of Daiwa Steez baitcasters, probably around 15 years old now, off to the Daiwa service department. They have had broken handles, busted release triggers, lost side plates etc etc. The Daiwa boys kept on patching them up and sending them back. Happy days 👌

Well, today I got the phone call nobody wants to receive. “Brucey, why don’t you just buy a new one, we can’t do any more. They are stuffed and we can’t get parts”.😞 So new it is.

Anthony and the team would have still been in school when I purchased these reels, except for maybe Shauno who is a little older or maybe just had a hard life.

Anyway, thanks for trying guys. Your service and communication has always been outstanding. Here we have Shaun, Jaydon, Tristan and Anthony. A motley looking Daiwa service crew but they are certainly good at their trade.