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Fish Care – Venting Yellowbelly

Recreational and Competition Anglers have one priority – sustaining the native population.
Below is an excellent document from fisheries that identifies key features of the Golden Perch.
This should assist you when venting fish caught deep or that are showing signs of distress

Other activities that assist in fish care include:

  • Needle fish straight away. Use a 18 gauge needle, go under the scale at a 45 degree angle
  • Ice blocks can be placed in live wells to lower water temperature
  • Changing water regularly (every 30 minutes) or having recirculating live wells
  • Weighted fish clips
  • Lay a wet towel over the top of an exposed live well to reduce water temperature
  • Live well additives such as Rejuvenate can revitalise fish


Venting Australian Yellowbelly

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