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2023 AYC Tournments suspended for 12 months

GARMIN Freshwater Series 2021 Grand Final
Rules and Regulations

Updated 30-Nov-2021 @ 1.45pm

Grand Final – Information

 Glenbawn 26th – 27th February

Entry Fees.

$330.00 per Angler regardless of age. Up to 3 Anglers per Team

  • 3 Sessions
  • 4 Bass per session
  • 12 Heaviest Bass overall


  • $ 10,000 Cash Prize money. Top 3 teams
  • $ 1,000   Wilson Fishing Big Bass

Pre-fish Ban

  • Starts Friday Midnight 18th February
  • Finishes Thursday Midnight 24th February
  • Official practice day Friday 25th February

Briefing 7pm – Kiosk

  • Session 1 – Start draw
  • BBQ Dinner


  • 1pm Sunday

Teams that wish to compete must have registrations and payments in by 31st January 2022

Terms and  Conditions 


(These Terms and Conditions are included in the Registration Forms and you will need to tick that you agree with them at the time of submitting the form.)


I agree to the conditions and this acceptance may and will be pleaded as a bar to action in any forum, tribunal or court. I also agree to allow the organizers to use my name, images and results to promote the tournaments and their Sponsors.

In summary, I hereby agree to abide by the rules of the competition, be responsible for my own actions and contract not to take legal action against the organizers for any reason and to indemnify the organizers against such action. I agree to enter entirely at my own risk.

Acceptance of conditions and indemnification: (please note: this is a contract that limits your right to take legal action!) I, we being the person whose names and addresses appear on this form, have fully read and understand the conditions of entry.

I agree and do abide by these conditions and fully accept them as a part of my entry. I agree not to take or be a party to any action or allow any party to act through me or on my behalf, against the organizers of the event on any matter to the conduct of the related event or occurrences during the event. I agree to indemnify the organizers of the event against any cost, expenses, damages or awards made against them in relation to any action taken by my or on my behalf or in relation to any claim I may make.

If a team chooses to withdraw from an event, their registration fee will be held in CREDIT for a future event.

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