AYC Fishing

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2023 AYC Tournments suspended for 12 months


R1 Burrendong – Info

  1. Refection Holiday Park – Mumbil NSW
  2. Briefing will be done prior to the start Saturday morning while boats are on the water.
  3. Event will start from the main boat ramp. Look for the AYC Marquee.
  4. Teams catch sheets and check in will take place prior to start so allow some extra time. AYC staff will be available from 6am
  5. Event will run over 2 days Saturday 24th April and Sunday 25th April
  6. Session times                                                                                                        
  7. Saturday Start 7am –  Finish 4.00pm     Sunday Start 7am – Finish 11.30am 
  8. 8 best Golden Perch over 2 sessions
  9. Maximum of 4 Golden Perch at any time to be kept in livewell
  10. Measuring of fish will apply during all hours of session times
  11. Measuring station will be at the start location. A Marshal will be available at all times during the session to measure, record and release your fish.
  12. Marshals will also be mobile on the water measuring, recording and releasing fish.
  13. Saturday teams results will be available online Saturday evening from 6pm
  14. Presentation 1.00pm Sunday.
  15. All are welcome at the winners presentation and the Garmin Marine $5000.00 Lucky Draw
  16. For more information if required please contact Bruce on 0419011333

Covid Safe

AYC Fishing Tournaments is a Covid Safe event

All teams must register their details at check in prior to the start, via our QR Code so allow some extra time. Please have your Service NSW App uploaded to your phone and ready to go.

You are NOT permitted to attend or participate if:
– You are awaiting COVID Test results
– You are the subject of a 14-day isolation period
– You are experiencing Flu like symptoms – sore throat, cough, runny nose, fever or shortness of breath
– Been in contact with a person/s who have tested positive to COVID-19 (during the period in which the virus is contagious)– Have returned from International travel and not completed the Government Quarantine Restrictions

You must register your contact details upon entry including name, address and phone number

You must follow social distancing regulations. You must remain 1.5 metres apart other than same household groups following the guidelines of 1 person per 2 square metres

You must maintain good hygiene by washing your hands regularly and using the Hand Sanitiser provided. 

No anglers will be permitted to compete if they are from a noted Covid hotspot.


Fishing Rules (Amended to ensure Covid-19 Compliance)

  • Anglers must fish within the current Freshwater Fisheries guidelines of the state in which the event is being held and must be in possession of the necessary permits or licenses. 
  • Catch and release. 2 -day event.
  • Lure or fly only. No bait. No berley
  • No pre-fish ban. 
  • Teams can have up to 3 members. 
  • Anglers must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during fishing times.
  • All boats must be equipped with the required safety gear and motor lanyards
  • All anglers must be wearing safety vests and driver lanyard attached while vessel is on the plane or traveling at speed. Failure to do so will mean disqualification for that session. Vests are not required to be worn while fishing unless in Alpine lakes and your vessel is under 4.8m
  • AYC reserves the right to cancel or postpone an event due to inclement weather conditions. If this is the case and that round can’t continue it will be re scheduled. Safety is our number 1 priority.
  • Anglers may fish any line class.
  • Lure and fly casting only is permitted. 
  • Trolling is NOT permitted. 
  • Only one rod per angler is allowed to be used at any one time. 
  • Fishing is NOT permitted within any defined non-boating or non-fishing areas.
  • Fish must be caught during the designated times and kept alive in a functioning  livewell or cooler with aerator attached. Important to keep changing that water.
  • No more than 4 Golden Perch per team are allowed to be kept at any one time in live-well. 
  • 8 Best Golden Perch ( longest ) will determine a team’s result over the weekend. 
  • All teams must be back by designated session finish times. Session times will be provided at the online briefing. 
  • Penalties for teams that are back late – 100mm per minute for Yella rounds.
  • Any complaints regarding a breach of the rules must be addressed to the on-site Tournament Director during the event. Penalties for rule and conduct violations may include the following:
  • Disqualification of catch for the session
  • Disqualification from the tournament
  • Disqualification from future AYC events.
  • Any concerns regarding clarification of rules can be discussed with AYC officials BEFORE the start of the tournament
  • The Tournament Director’s decision is final regarding all rule decisions.

Grand Final Qualification

Not everyone fishes these events to try for the Grand Final. A lot of teams don’t bother trying to qualify at all, and are just happy to compete in 1 or 2 for fun. 

But if you’re a competitive lad or lady here is what you need to know.

2020 Grand Final will consist of the top 20 team’s. 

$ 10,000 prize money up for grabs

Qualification will be decided by your team’s overall point score for the year.

After each event team’s will be awarded a point score. This is decided by a team’s overall placing for that event. Eg: 1st place = 100 points, 2nd = 99 points, 3rd = 98 points and so on down the line.

There are only be 3 events in the series this year 2021.

We will be taking a team’s best 2 results from the 3.