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2023 AYC Tournments suspended for 12 months

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Bring on the Copeton Cod Classic.

From Deborah Bennett Skaines‎ Inverell Country Womens Association

Every year AYC Fishing Tournaments hosts annual Cod Classic and Yellowbelly Championships throughout Reflections Holiday Parks.Last year Copeton Waters was lucky enough to hold 3 competitions for the AYC Crew. While at the park; the Guest Services team convinced Bruce Anderson, Owner and Organiser of AYC Tournaments to hold a Women’s Only Fishing Competition; with the funds raised to go to the local CWA organisation for Drought relief.After a round table meeting to brainstorm some ideas, the dates were set. A prize package was decided upon; consisting of a cane washing basket filled with donated lures from Bassman Luers, Jackall Luers, Wilson Tackle to name the top three. There were also Luers donated from New England Tackle, a local store in Inverell and some other local luer makers around the district. AYC also donated a top quality fishing tackle bag, among other great prizes; making the total prize package over $1500.00.Throughout the year tickets were sold at Copeton’s Kiosk, with many fishing enthusiasts buying tickets. Although, due to drought conditions worsening throughout the year; the competition was cancelled due to low water levels and those personally affected by lack of water in their area. However, despite the fact that the Competition was cancelled, we still managed to raise near $3000.00 for the local community. This was an amazing outcome for all involved.

Wayne Madden from the Blue Mountains; was the prize winner, with his ticket being drawn by a guest dinning in at the Kiosk. Wayne was contacted and told that he was the winner. Wayne was overwhelmed and was looking forward to trying out his prizes on his next visit to Copeton.

At a team meeting held on the 3rd of February 2020, a cheque was presented to Deborah Bennett who is the CWA Vice President for the Inverell branch. Deborah, who is also a staff member at Copeton Waters, was elated that we had been able to raise so much, given the circumstances. The CWA Organisation was chosen because they are an integral charitable organisation with the community. The Ladies work tirelessly for those that are less fortunate or doing it tough. The Organisation comprises of a very strong and resilient group of women dedicated to helping their community. That’s what resonated when deciding on an organisation to donate proceeds to.

All of the Copeton Waters team members are so proud of this achievement and we can’t wait to welcome the AYC crew back again this year. Also to see how CWA distributes the funds within the community.

📷(Kim Blomfield, Danielle Barrett, Deborah Bennett, Kristin Hosking and Sarah Hoskins)