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Mimix releases their crankbait/jerkbait

Mimix Jelly Prawn 40SP

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Mimix is proud to release their first crankbait/jerkbait, like all Mimix topwater baits this Mimix Jell Prawn has all the detail of the real thing. Its unique small profile, realistic colour patterns and swimming action makes the Mimix Jelly Prawn stand out in the crowd. Being 40mm long but weighing 3g it casts considerably further and with a twitch-pause it imitates an injured prawn. Diving to 1.5m and suspending on the pause bream and many other will go crazy over the Jelly Prawn.

Available in 13 colours

Length: 40mm

Weight 3g

Depth: 1.5m

Action: Suspend

RRP: $18.95

Mimix Jelly Prawn colour chart
Mimix Jelly Prawn colour chart