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NEW products from JML

Liquid Mayhem

Liquid Mayhem scents are made from real baitfish in a super concentrated form along with natural baitfish enzymes infused with powerful amino acids and other bite stimulants.

It’s available in 4 explosive flavours, all with extra UV enhancements to not only attract by smell but by sight as well.
Liquid Mayhem’s no mess, really sticky formula stays on the lure up to 30+ casts.
Increase your catch by 20%, give yourself the added edge and try liquid mayhem today.
Available in Garlic Minnow, Garlic Crawfish, Leech and Shad.

 Liquid Mayhem logo

Nories In the Baits 12g New Colours

There are 2 exciting new colours joining In The Baits 12g range.
Colours BR-312 Black body with a black blade and BR-313 silver fleck body with a silver blade.

IN THE BAITS like all Nories products have been designed and tested to not only catch lots of fish but cast well. The body and blade designs help the blade spin away from the line during free fall to reduce the possibility of line tangles. In turn you pick up a lot more bites on the free-fall!

IN THE BAITS are ideal for fishing flats and deep areas where fish are schooled up. They are able to be used with a variety of techniques such “lift and fall” or simply retrieved at a constant pace once it has touched the bottom. They are also perfect for buzzing the tops of weed or bush with a constant pace retrieve. As well as Fishing banks and structure with the main “lift and fall” retrieve proves to be deadly as well.

Colour 312
Colour 312
Colour 313
Colour 313



Yamatoyo PE Jigging 8X Braid

PE Jigging 8X Braid is the latest release from the Yamatoyo Famell factory in Japan. This braid has been specially designed for the blue water specialists.

It’s a 8 carrier woven braid to give you a super soft fine diameter with zero water absorption, ultra-high sensitivity and outstanding tensile strength. It comes in incremented coloured 10m sections with every 1m marked yellow and black for super accurate indication of exactly were your jig is at all times.

Available in
12LB, 15LB, 19LB & 27LB in 200m spools
32LB, 40LB, 46LB & 55LB in 300m spools
PE Jigging Braid