AYC Fishing

Zerek – Live Swimbait 8” Swim Action

  Zerek Live Swimbait is an upsized version of the Live Mullet. This time, it features additional eyelets for dual action and more interested functions. Watch the video to find out more!

Mustad Asia and Oceania

  Watch how Steve Starling targets the King Salmon on soft vibes and how the Mustad Saltism 4X trebles stood up to the test, against one of the strongest fighter in the estuary Mustad...

Bassman International – Meet the Team

BassmanSpinnerbaits in the USA🇺🇸🙌 Super exciting times, a lot of hard work and dedication from many to make this happen! Check out the link below to make an order, anyone who likes this post...

Live Fibre Blade N Tails Ultralight Elite

We’ve uploaded a short video to our youtube page on the Live Fibre Blade N Tails Ultralight Elite working the Windamere golden perch with grubs and blades. Check it out here: https://youtu.be/s6MaIXk22-8 If you...

Congratulations Josh Kopp

Congratulations on your first metre Cod. I know how hard you have worked for this one mate and the amount of time you have been stuck in the 90’s.