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2021 Garmen Freshwater Series Grand Final

“Racked Up” spill the beans on their win at Windy. Gear, Technique, Location


2018 AYC Grand Final winners “Racked Up” spill the beans on their win at Windy. Gear, Technique, Location:

The boys mainly fished rocky points in the main basin.

Lures of choice: Jackall Transoms & Mask Vibes pimped up with ZX assist hooks, targeting fish in 6 to 8 metres of water.

The technique was to lift, twitch and shake, and with the use of the assist hooks it became a deadly approach running and gunning between around 8 spots that they had previously marked throughout the pre fish on Friday.
Gear Used : Mark uses a Miller Rod Finness Freak spooled with 6lb J Braid and 6lb leader / Daiwa Certate 2000.
Robbo uses a Lamiglas Racks Elite / Daiwa Certate 2000 and Stuart a T Curve / Shimano 2500 Ci4.

All fish were taken on the pause. They landed 22 fish with a few coming back to the weigh station in the last session over the 5kg mark which got them over the line.

Well done boys. Congratulations on your 2018 Grand Final win.

Racked Up
Score Card : Mark Donnelly / Jack Roberson / Stuart Smith
5.08 / 5.21 / 4.70 / 5.12 / 4.16 / 4.23 / 4.59 / 3.64 / 5.09 / 3.61
10 fish for 45.43kg