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Rolling soft plastics in standing timber

This revolutionary technique has changed the way we all fish for golden perch, Rolling Soft Plastics is now becoming a staple technique in any serious perch anglers arsenal. Find out how easy it is in this how to video from AYC Fishing Tournaments!

AYC Fishing Tournaments Top Tip for rolling plastics

Keep Moving to find the fish

Much can be said about fishing vertical timber, but if there’s one thing I can vouch for indefinitely is that moving regularly from tree to tree to find fish is an absolute must. There will often be tree’s that for some reason, whether it be a large resource of food near by or a particular temperature that will hold an abundance of active fish. So it pays to keep it short and sweet on each tree with only a few rolls up either side and then move on. Fishing in a variety of depths will also open you up to a greater chance of finding a pattern.

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