AYC Fishing

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2023 AYC Tournments suspended for 12 months

ZRules and Regs

Payment of Entry Fees and No Refund Policy

We will happily credit you’re team an entry into another event if you can’t make it but we do not offer refunds. Notification you are not attending though must be received no later than 1 week out from the event



Briefings are held on the Friday evening before the event. Briefing starts at 7pm.

All teams must attend and pre-register prior to the 7pm briefing start.

If you are having trouble getting there in time, please let us know. (Phone Bruce 0419 011 333)

At the briefing, we will discuss the nominated start location, briefly run through the start / safety requirements and nominate the session times.


Pre-fish Ban

There will be no pre-fish bans at any of our events. So, knock yourselves out


Pre-Start Procedure

AYC Staff will be at the nominated starting location 1 hour prior to start.

Teams live wells will be checked to make sure they are empty along with safety gear. I.e. safety vests and lanyards. Please make sure these are clearly visible for AYC Staff. Livewell hatches open and safety gear if not on already placed on front deck.

Once your boat has been approved to fish you will be given your teams catch sheet.

Make sure your catch sheet stays dry and protected as this is your only catch record for that session.

Catch sheets must be returned back to the start / finish marshalling area before the end of each session. Late returns will incur a 100mm penalty for every minute they are late.


Session 1

Boats will start in order from when we have received their entry form and payment. Eg: If you were the first to register and pay up for that event your start position for the first session will be no 1.

Boats need to be up close to the designated start area for a quick start. Boat 1 will be called then 2 and so on down the line. Boats must not travel at speed until they are past the start line.

Session 2 and 3

Second and third sessions will be run as a chase start. The team leading after session 1 will start first in session 2 then the second-placed team and so on down the line.

Session Finishes

Teams complete the session by handing in their catch sheet folder back to the main marshalling area. Teams that are late will incur a penalty.


Tournament Rules

  • Maximum of 3 anglers per team
  • All anglers must hold a current fishing licence or permit.
  • Licences must be in possession at all times.
  • Boat drivers must also hold and be in possession of a current vessel operator’s licence
  • AYC requires that all boat owners have their boat insured.
  • Lure and fly casting or vertical jigging only. No bait or berley
  • Trolling is NOT permitted in the Yellowbelly Series.
  • Long Lining is NOT permitted.
  • Fishing is NOT permitted in any No Boating Zones
  • Teams cannot fish within 30m (Casting Distance) from another competitor unless invited in to do so.
  • 10 best Yellowbelly (Longest) over the weekend will be declared the winners.
  • Fish to be measured by Marshals only.
  • Fish must be caught during designated fishing times and kept alive in a functioning livewell. Fish that don’t swim away in good condition will not count.
  • Only one rod per angler to be used at any one time.
  • Before the end of each session catch sheets must be returned back to marshals at the start / finish location
  • Teams will be penalized 100 mm for every minute they are late.
  • If your boat breaks down and you don’t think you can make it back on time the best thing to do would be for one team member to catch a lift with another boat to get your remaining fish measured. The other can stay with the vessel and we will organize to get your boat back after the weigh in. That way your fish will count.


Measure Procedure

  • Catch Sheets will be provided to all teams by AYC staff
  • Mobile Marshals will be out on the water measuring and recording your fish.
  • Teams can come back at any time during the session to measure fish.
  • That way if you have a fish you are concerned about it can be measured and released early.
  • The Wilson Fishing “BIG YELLA” will be determined by AYC staff at the end of the event.
  • All fish must be in good condition and swim away to count.
  • Late returns of catch sheets will be penalized at 100mm per minute.
  • After session results, have been calculated they will be displayed at the AYC Fishing Tournaments event marque.


Code of Conduct

  • Anglers are not permitted to be competing under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Must be under the legally required blood alcohol levels.
  • The safety and care of fellow competitors is of utmost importance. If and angler or boat appears to be in distress, please assist. Safety is much more important than your days catch.
  • AYC Fishing Tournaments expect all competitors to comply with Police safety, Waterways and Fisheries requirements.
  • Contestants are required to conduct themselves in a manner becoming a professional sportsperson. This reflects on AYC its members and sponsors.