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The info I gain is invaluable

Heading for a bream fish this weekend to a particular spot down here on the south coast. I know bugger all about bream fishing. Yes, I have caught them but consistently no I haven’t, and coming from the bush it wasn’t really my thing. So I poked into my local tackle shop which is Complete Angler Windang and spoke to Damo who set me up.
Damo sold me stuff he know’s works in that area. Not only sold me the right gear but told me how to use it.

Now what I am getting at is how much value do you put on this information you only get from your local tackle store. My local cost me $87.00 today but the info I gain is invaluable.

Sometimes things may cost a little more compared to the big chains as their buying power might not be as good but does that really matter when you walk out of that shop with your brain ticking over with the expectation of catching that enormous Bream , Bass , Yella or Cod.

Support your local. Get to know your local. Get them to know you. Ask questions don’t be shy. Your local will appreciate it.

Never know, your local may return the favour and spend with you one day.

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