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Harry Hardman with a big golden

Using Lowrance sounders to find fish – With Harry and Jamie Hardman

On a beautiful and calm winters day at Copeton Dam, the AYC crew jumped on board with Harry and Jamie Hardman from JMH Spinnerbaits to go and find fish suspended on deep tree’s using Jamie’s new Lowrance HDS12 sounder units. We saw plenty of great underwater structure using the down and side scan features and pulled up on a few trees that were absolutely loaded with fish.

Harry Hardman with a big golden
Harry Hardman with a 60cm pig
that he pulled from heavy timber.


Harry Hardman showed us how it is really done, landing several nice fish and getting them out of some seriously snaggy timber!






What did we look for?

We mainly focused on finding tree’s that were hidden from plain view in 30-40ft, these hidden trees often hold large numbers of undisturbed uncaught fish which can mean the difference between a bag out session and no fish at all. Using the down and side scan features on Jamie’s Lowrance HDS12 units we could see perfectly clear images of tree’s coming up in red and large white or pale orange blobs scattered throughout the branches much like in this image.

Screenshot of sounder
It is clear to see fish suspended throughout hidden timber with Lowrance Sounders.

While it isn’t necessary to use expensive electronics to catch fish in the timber, it can certainly give you a large advantage when you can see fish showing as clear as day!

Thanks Jamie and Harry for a great day on the water!